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(In addition to my full-time job I was recently hired to teach part-time at a local community college in the same automotive trade program I attended, but have no assigned courses this quarter. I take advantage of the relative lull and enroll in a night class in my department I have wanted to take for many years but could never fit into my schedule, especially as it’s only offered once per year. The teacher is also part-time – he only teaches the one course – and we’re the two newest members of the department, so we’ve blundered through some things together. It’s the night of the first quiz, and he has the needed Scantron sheets for $0.25 at the front of the classroom. I go up to get one and add my quarter to the pile on the desk.)

Teacher: Wait, you work here. Does you still need to pay for these?

Me: I’m not sure, but I’m not working now..

Teacher: They probably wouldn’t notice or care if you didn’t pay a quarter.

Me: Since I actually had one in my purse I don’t mind. But I did take a few without paying when I was teaching; I needed them to make answer keys. I figured it was okay since it’s Official Business, and [inventory manager] didn’t seem to care.

Teacher: Oh crap! I need an answer key! *he takes a Scantron off the stack* I don’t have a quarter though.. But hey, they haven’t fired you yet! I’m sure I’ll be fine!

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