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Unfiltered | October 11, 2017

(I was assigned a group project about human anatomy, more specifically, the digestive system. One of the members was gone the first day, which was fine, the next day however, pissed me off!)

Me: *thinking* why the hell am I doing the entire project?! I understand someone was gone, but what the hell?!

Teammate#1: holy shit, ( my name)! You’re really smart!

Me: no shit! Why don’t you guys help me?

Teammate#1: nah, I’m too stupid!

Me: okay then, teammate#2! You’ll help teammate#1 with the citations!

Teammate#2: *groans loudly* bbbuuuuttt wwwwhhhhhhyyyy????

Me: *in a threatening tone* I will not be the only person to work on this GODDAMN project, now get off your lazy ASS and help me. Do you fucking understand?

(Luckily they got the work done!)