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Unfiltered | October 9, 2017

One morning me and a friend of mine are sat in the school library right before history class. We have been studying the American Civil Rights Movement, which has been really interesting. For the last two weeks, we have been given an assignment- I have spent a lot of time planning and writing mine and I am happy with the results. Right then another kid whom we aren’t particularly fond of due his rude and obnoxious behaviour shows up.

Me: So did you do your assignment?

Rude Kid: Yeah, did that s*** last night

He throws a crumpled piece of paper at me which has three scrawny lines written on it!

Me: Err… that’s it?

Rude Kid: Yeah, so what?

Me: Dude, (History Teacher) is gonna be mad about this! She said it had to be at least 2 pages.

Rude Kid: Nah, me and her are cool, she’ll give me good marks

Friend: Wouldn’t count on it, you’re on her s*** list this year!! She told you last time when you forgot to do the assignment that she wouldn’t give you any more slips!

Rude Kid: Oh who f****** cares? This stuff is all bullshit anyway! Don’t need this Afro-Americans stuff to do the work I want!

Me: So what you gonna do?

He then shoots me a really arrogant smirk

Rude Guy: Gonna work in Early Childhood

Me and my friend exchange a worried glance, because we know for a fact this guy’s academic standing is pretty poor and that he lacks any sufficient skills to work with kids.

Friend: Don’t you have to get good grades and go to college for that stuff?

Rude Guy: What’s to know? You’re just babysitting kids. They get outta line you give em’ a slap!

Me: No that’s not it at all! You actually need to know a lot of about child development and education- one of my friends is studying it, it’s pretty intense!

Friend: Also I doubt they’ll be pleased if you ‘give em’ a slap’ in fact you can’t touch them full stop!

Rude Guy: WHAT? Nah you’re both stupid- it’s just about singing songs to them and hanging out with tonnes of hot chicks all day! You need to know any of the other stuff! Be just like when I babysit my sister

Me: No, it’s not like that at all, parents are trusting you with teaching their kids, you don’t just sit around and watch TV all day! Have you actually read anything about this kind of work?

Rude Kid: Oh p*** off! That kind of work doesn’t require any kind of skill, you just need a pair of eyes- you don’t know s***!

With that, he takes off and we are glad to see the back of him. The history teacher chewed him out for his lack of effort and gave him a Zero on his assignment. A few weeks later he dropped out and was bragging about how easily he would get a job working with kids. Only he found places weren’t happy to hire him to work with children with no qualifications! Despite being repeatedly being told what was required, he still refused to go back and study. Last I heard he was awaiting trial for assault- but at least he doesn’t have to worry about history anymore.