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Unfiltered | September 30, 2017

A friend of mine has been showing signs of depression for several weeks now. I urge her to get treatment, but she’s fearful of how her family will react, and unfortunately I’m not close enough to her to know her family or even where she lives. Near the end of 5th hour, the second to last hour of school, I get a message from her saying that it’s been nice knowing me. I run over to her class, and we end up walking around the school for nearly an hour. I learn she has a knife and plans to do it that day. I know she can outrun me, and I don’t know how she’ll react. I try to secretly alert the administrators around the school whenever we walk past them, but to no avail. I don’t want to leave her alone in case she books it, so I keep her engaged in conversation. I learn she’s quit all her school activities and let her grades slip and have said goodbye to all her friends. I suddenly realize why she gave me my birthday gift a week early and why she didn’t want me making a gift for her birthday in a week. In that moment I’m mad at all her friends that I’ve never met, her family, and all the admins who brushed off two kids just walking around the school, not bothering to tell us to go to class. It clouds my thought process so I’m running out of options. I end up calling 911 under the guise of letting my mom know I won’t be able to pick up my younger siblings from school. The operator’s confused at first but quickly catches on. Eventually, the officer stationed at the school arrives and my friend seems even more defeated. She’s taking therapy now, and I really hope she gets better.

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