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(So, I went to this private prep school, where everyone is super nerdy and stuff, one day, a new kid arrives, who is the physical embodiment of a “dumb jock.” He isn’t too good at science, maths, or any other subject, but his worst one is English (note, he speaks it fluently, but his spelling is waaaay off) He picks on pretty much everyone, and always tries to be “superior.” One day, while the class is changing for our swimming lesson, he walks up to me (note, I was very good at everything the Jock was bad at, especially english))

Jock: [My Name] How do you spell Camouflage?

Me: [Incorrect spelling of Camouflage]

Jock: Hah! That’s wrong it’s [Correct spelling of camouflage] This means that I’m smarter than you!

Everyone else in the room: No it doesn’t

Me: Yes, and how do you know this?

Jock: My grandad told me this morning.

Me: [internal facepalm]

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