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Unfiltered | October 2, 2017

This takes place around when I’m in year 3/4, my family find out I’m being bullied and my sister decides to do something.

After the school day finishes I stand on the playground waiting for my mum, who turns up with my sister, who walks over to the bullies and comes back a few minutes later. at the time I don’t understand what’s going on, but when we get home I hear this.

Sister: they’ve banned me from the school,

Mum: why?

Sister: they thought I was “threatening” them, I was just warning them.

Mum: so they think bullying is ok, but defending yourself isn’t?

Sister: apparently so.

(Before anyone asks, my sister just told them to stop, my school was/is that horrible. And if you did defend yourself from being hurt, punched or kicked, you would be the one in trouble)

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