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Unfiltered | September 26, 2017

Some years back, I had friend who told me he was taking singing lessons. He was proud of this fact for some special reason. Years before he was one of the “advisors” you would hear about during the early years of American involvement in Vietnam. Before that, he was at West Point. At the time, whether you wanted to or not, you “volunteered” to be in the West Point glee club. He showed up in the music room and the following happened:

Director: [Plays a note on the piano] Soldier, sing this note!

Friend: Sir, I can’t sing.

Director: [Plays the note again] Soldier, sing this note!

Friend: But, Sir, I really can’t sing.

Director: Soldier, are you violating a direct order? [Plays the note once more] Sing this note!

Friend: [Attempts to sing. I’ve heard him sing. I’m pretty sure it was beyond awful] Laaa!

Director: [Quietly and with resignation] You’re right. You can’t sing. Dismissed.

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