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Unfiltered | September 29, 2017

(I’m taking classes through a local college online, and while most of my teachers have been excellent there was one exception. This class takes the form of a “virtual classroom” which pretty much means once a week we all have a video call with the professor who then proceeds to lecture, answer questions, etc.)

Me: Excuse me, but could I have a bit of clarification about this assignment? (Explains the bit I’m confused about, since our instructions for each assignment are three sentences long and there’s no rubric or anything like that.)

Professor: I’ll address that during our next class.

Me: Okay… but isn’t the assignment is due before the next class? (It was.)

Professor: (no answer)

(I proceed to spend the rest of the week trying to figure out what she wants us to do for said assignment, but hold off on turning it is since she said she’d address my question. Later, during the “virtual classroom”.)

Professor: Did anyone have any questions about the assignment?

Me: Yes, I was still wondering about that issue I had with said assignment. (I give the very short version of the problem)

A few other classmates: Yeah I was wondering about that too.

Professor: I’ll address that at the end of class.

(She then proceeds to start the lesson. At the end…)

Professor: Any questions about the lecture?

Everyone: Nope.

Professor: Alright then, have a good night.

Me: Professor what about the issue we had with the assignment?

Professor: (logs off)