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(I am in year 6. My teacher has sent out notices for all the students, and expects us to return them by a due date. I am very forgetful, so naturally I forgot. I walk into the class.)

Teacher – ‘(My name)’! Did you get back that notice I sent out for everyone?’

Me – *mentally facepalming* Oh my gosh, no, I’m so sorry, I will just go back outside to my parents and get them to sign it!’

(I fish it out of my bag and grab a pencil. I run outside and return fairly quickly, as my parents were close by and all I needed was a signature.)

Me – *walks up and holds it out with one hand, the other hand holding the pencil* Here you go!

Teacher – *inspecting it* ‘You signed this.’

Me – ‘What?’

Teacher – ‘You signed this. I saw you take a pencil and go outside, you signed this and not your father!’

(I’m almost in tears at this point, as I am very emotional, but I try to defend myself nonetheless.)

Me – ‘No, I went outside.. My parents.. they signed this! Not me, I promise..’

Teacher – *clearly not believing me* ‘No, you signed this!’

(It is clear that he doesn’t believe me, and I tried to go outside to look for my parents to get them to confirm it, but they have gone. I go to the other side of the room, and go to the head teacher (We are 3 classes joined together, all working in one big room) who was also my teacher last year.)

Me, to other teacher – ‘Hey, Mrs (Teacher?) Mr (Teacher) *I point to him* doesn’t believe.. believe that this is real, he thinks that I did it.. but I-I,’

(I continue to explain the situation to her, and as she likes me very much, ask her if she remembers what my father’s signature is and if she could confirm it.)

Other teacher – ‘No.. I don’t remember.. so you want me to back you up..?’

Me – ‘Yesss…’

(At that point, my original teacher had seen what I was doing, and just then, the bell rang. For the rest of the day, he didn’t bother me about the so-called ‘forged’ signature, and at the end of the day, my other teacher asked if I was okay.)

(This story isn’t word for word, but it 100% true.)

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