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I’m Australian, but went to college in America for 4 years and made life long friends. My best friend (American) and I are talking over messenger. She works at a daycare centre and is working on planning some summer curriculum on various countries. She chose do to Australia and has asked me to help. She’s used the word ‘cobber’ in conversation to me and I have never heard it so she sent me the list of Australian slang she’s found (which contains swear words and the Australian slang for vagina).

Me: Okay so Cobber, Butchers (hook) and a quid aren’t ones we use. Rarely people use Hoo Roo, but not much. Though, just a suggestion – don’t teach your kid’s f*** all!.

Friend: Hehehe.

Me: I can see it now, “Mommy, mommy Miss *friend* taught me some Australian”. “Oh what did you teach you,” “F*** ALL!”

Friend: Yeah and I shouldn’t teach the vagina one either. I don’t think that would go down too well…

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