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Unfiltered | September 8, 2017

During high school, in one of the computer science classes the teacher is commenting about the meeting of end of semester grades. Important to say that I was the only one that passed on the only exam, although I was never the smartest of the class. On the other end, the smartest guy of the class, failed on that same exam.

Teacher: Well, during the final grade meeting among all teachers, they decided to change the grades that <me> and <smart guy> deserved. Although I complained, they ignored me and decided to give a higher grade to <smart guy> so it would not ruin his average. And to compensate that, they had to lower her <my> grade, so that the class average would keep the same.

Both the teacher and the smart guy were really apologetic and felt bad for the injustice. And after this, I had no more respect for most of my remaining teachers.