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Unfiltered | September 5, 2017

(I walk into my global studies class which is directly after lunch and the teacher, this is her first year, quiets us to talk about some “issues” about us eating food in class. This teacher is on watch because of many complaints made by students and parents.)
Teacher: *irritated tone* “Now that you took five minuets to finally quiet down, I just want to remind you that my number one rule is that no eating or drinking is allowed in my classroom and I will take your food if I see it. Okay, now we are going to watch—”

(The class is lightly, angrily murmuring since many are still eating. The week before she took a students half full drink and threw it away, and this was before we were aware of her rule.)

Teacher: *looks over at clock* “That’s five seconds after class… now ten… fifteen…”

(The class is now dead silent.)

Teacher: “Twenty…. okay that’s thirty seconds you have to stay after the bell rings.”

(She goes on lecturing us about no eating and that the only reason she made these rules is to build a better relationship with us. After about ten minuets of lecturing not to eat food in class she puts in the video goes back to her desk and starts eating the rest of her lunch.)

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