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Unfiltered | September 1, 2017

(Our school has started an attendance policy which sends a letter to your parents if your attendance goes below 95%. Tutors are supposed to sign them, but mine is known to dislike the policy. This happens at the beginning of the second week of term.)

Administrator: “[Teacher] please could you sign these attendance letters for your students so I can send them out today?”

Teacher: “Already? Let’s see…”

(*takes letters*)

Teacher: “Oh what, no way am I signing these.”

Administrator: “But these two students’ attendance is only 80%. That’s too low.”

Teacher: “It has only been five days. This one’s been absent for one day, for a university interview…and this one was actually here all week but missed Friday’s registration due to an early-starting exam. Both of those things are on their records!”

Administrator: “But their attendance is too low.”

Teacher: “…”

Administrator: “…”

Teacher: “Not gonna sign it!”

(The teacher just handed back the letters)