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(I’m not entirely sure how my name came to be, but I’ve gone my life with five names, we’ll call them A, B, C, D, and E for convenience. A and B are my first names, with people always referring to me as A. Due to the last nane, first name format of attendance sheets, my name appears as E, A B. Some teachers take this to mean that my first name, or rather FIRST first name, is B. I usually politely inform them of their mistake, but the substitute we had while my normal teacher was on maternity leave seemed to miss the point.)

Substitute: (Taking role) [Name B]?

Me: Oh, that’s me. My name’s actually [Name A].

Substitute: It says your name is [Name B]

Me: Everyone calls me [Name A]. It’s first on my birth certificate.

Substitute: (Suddenly furious) You are wrong! Your name is [Name B] and I don’t care how much you may hate it but you will accept it!

Class: (Various orientations of) No, you don’t understand, her name is actually [Name A]

Me: (A little unnerved) Um, they’re right…

Substitute: You idiot! Your mother may have been a whore who named you something stupid, but you will accept it! OBEY ME [NAME B]!

Me: Okay, one, my mother is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet, DO NOT bring her into this. Two, I could read at two years old, and am in every advanced class in this school, and still have near-straight A-pluses. I HARDLY qualify as an idiot. Third, that OBEY ME line is pretty creepy. [Random friend] can hook you up eith a d**m good therapist. Oh, and fourth, I guess I’ll be leaving now. (At this point, I grab my stuff, despite holding back tears.)

Substitute: …what?

Me: Well, there’s no [Name A] [Name E] in this class, so I’d best be finding somewhere else to go. Oh, and, you won’t be here tomorrow. I’ll make sure of it. Good luck finding another job is this school district!

(After that, I straight-up walked out of the classroom. At that time, I was fueled on adrenaline and rage. I had no idea I’d be brave enough to do that, and I don’t think I will be ever again. I also made complaints to the principal and my mom, the “whore” herself. She’s pretty high up in the school board, and we got that substitutes a** kicked.

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