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(It’s the end of the day, and I go up to talk to Friend. I’m asexual and Friend is pansexual, and we like to make jokes about our respective sexual orientations. One of these jokes is that Friend is my “favorite heterosexual”. Other Friend is straight and strongly religious, so even though she’s a very long time friend of Friend, so Friend hasn’t come out to her yet.)

Friend: “So, [Other Friend], what are you up to?”

Other Friend: “Questioning my sexuality.” *it’s clearly a joke, but [Friend] and I still begin laughing and looking at each other*

Friend: “Well that’s… fun.”

Other Friend: *speaking to Friend* “What are you?”

Friend: “Uhm, well… there’s kind of a lot of people around…”

(At this point, the class is so loud that only maybe two other people are paying attention to the situation, and also think it’s hilarious.)

Friend: *grabs my arm* “Help me, (me)!

Me: (Friend) is my favorite heterosexual.

Other Friend: Heterosexual… that’s… *pauses to think*

Classmate #1: That’s straight.

Other Friend: Oh! I’m straight.

Classmate #2: *passing by* That’s great to know!

Me: Did this conversation really happen organically?

Friend: Yes. Yes it did.

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