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Unfiltered | August 21, 2017

There’s testing happening at my school but only some students at a time. My school has 4 periods per day alternating which classes you go to each day. I’m not testing one day and when I get to my first period class, an announcement comes on saying that because the students who are testing cannot be distracted we will not be able to go to our lockers during first lunch and that we should make sure we have our lunch if we need it. However, classes have already started and no one can leave to go to their lockers so anyone who would need to get their lunch is screwed because it’s already too late. I don’t do anything and hope that I will be able to get my lunch so I can eat. When the bell rings, I head to my locker to see if I can get my lunch and find out that the schools security guard are sitting on benches stopping everyone from going to their lockers. Because I can’t get my lunchbox I won’t be able to eat as I’m unable to eat the school food as I have celiac disease. Because we’re allowed to have our phones, I text my mom when I get a chance in 2nd period telling her about and asking her what I can do. Close to the end of the class I get called to the office to talk to the vice principal who tells me to get my lunch and to come back to the office. I do so and when I get back, she’s not their and another teacher tells me to go back to class as it’s almost the end of the period and I don’t want to be late for my next class. I don’t know what to do so I just go to my locker and put my lunch back and go back to class only to get called back to the office literally the second I step inside the room. I go back and am finally able eat my lunch. I stupidly left my backpack in the classroom and need to go get it but when I get back their the door is locked and no one is their. I head back to the office to ask for help and find my backpack there. When I opened my backpack for third period I find a spiral notebook that is not mine in it that I’ll have to find the owner of the next day I have the same 2nd period class. My mom comes to pick me up and tells me that she called the school and got transferred to the vice principal and shouted at her because she was so mad that I didn’t get to eat. As we’re driving home, my grandmother calls and asks about the situation because she saw my Facebook post about it. She was teacher her entire career and saw some messed up stuff but says that this is the most appalling thing she’s ever seen happen at any school. I agree with her because I wasn’t the only one affected by this, I saw a lot of other students attempting to get to their lockers and being unable too. This kind of stuff is why I hate the public school system.