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We have a substitute for one of our lessons. She has been largely apathetic to the class, choosing to sit and read. Our work isn’t that difficult so we have taken to talking, admittedly rather loudly.

Teacher: Jack, can you keep it down please?

Teacher: Jack, I am telling you to keep it down!

Teacher: JACK.

I am completely unaware that she is actually talking to me until I feel a hard smack against the back of my head at turn to see the teacher has actually struck me with a dictionary. She leans down right against my ear.

Teacher: JACK!

Me: *ears ringing* What the hell are you doing?

I stand up and head for the door while the entire class has gone quiet.

Teacher: I told you, repeatedly, to be quiet, and you didn’t listen!

Me: No you didn’t, and for the record I’m not called “Jack”.

As I leave the classroom I hear the teacher shout “YOU LOOK LIKE A JACK!” I went to the main office to complain and she was dismissed for assaulting a student.

Just to be clear, my name is Andrew, and there isn’t even a Jack in my year much less my class!

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