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(my Spanish teacher is a small, plump, dark skinned woman who is from a Spanish speaking country, which you can tell due to her accent. The new movie LOGAN just came out the day before, and a lot of my (white) classmates tend to assume she knows nothing about pop culture despite her living in America for 3 decades and having first generation American children. I tend to have an approach in which i assume a person knows about a popular thing unless proven otherwise, due to me being Native American and having people believe that we live a sort of Amish lifestyle(we’re just as modern as everyone else in America))

classmate: Hey Mrs.(teacher)! have you seen the new movie LOGAN?

teacher: No, I don’t think I’ve heard of it.

classmate: (proceeds to go into extreme detail) Well you see, its about this man with the ability to make knives with his knuckles, and a girl who……

me: Hey Mrs.(teacher)! you know about X-men, right?

teacher: (gasp)! you mean wolverine. That new Wolverine movie that just came out! oh, my son went to see that!

classmate:……Yeah that one……(quietly goes sit down)