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Unfiltered | August 8, 2017

In English class in my eighth-grade year, just after the third Hobbit movie came out in theaters, I was talking to my groupmates for a project; one of whom is a super fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. This conversation happens:

All: *talking about the Hobbit movies*

Groupmate 1: “you know that Gandalf dies in the third movie?”

Super Fan: “NOOO!! no spoilers!”

Me: “you do realize he can’t die, because he is in The Lord of the Rings, which comes after the Hobbit, and even so, he couldn’t die because he becomes Gandalf the White and starts off in the Lord of the Rings as the Grey, right?

Superfan: “oh, thank goodness, I didn’t realize that!”

The best part is that the guy who tried to give ‘spoilers’ has never seen or read the Hobbit or LOTR and just wanted to be a jerk. Even better, I have not yet read the books (want to) but have seen all the movies

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