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Unfiltered | August 3, 2017

My mom visited one Sunday to bring me a few things. As part of the freshman dorm rules, I had to sign her in the log in the common room and sign her back out. Well, I forgot to sign her out and around 10:00pm that night one of the RA’s knocked on my door. She was one of the RA’s who took her job a little too seriously, and said she had to do a “room check”. When I asked for the reason why, she said because my “guest” (you could practically hear the air-quotes) hadn’t been signed out and she needed to make sure no one was in my dorm who wasn’t supposed to be. I informed her that it was my mother who had visited that day, but she still insisted on checking under both mine and my roommate’s beds and inside our closets.
When she was satisfied I asked: “What made you even think I had a boy visiting today anyway? My mother’s name was on the log.”

RA: “The name was hard to read, it looked like a guy’s name.”

Me: “What guys do you know who are named Linda?”

RA: “Well, you could have written down a fake name!”

Me: “People actually do that? [Co-ed College] is just three miles down the road!”

(Nothing else happened to me personally after that, but every year there was always a freshman who tried to get around the allowed guest hours and got caught. If it was going to be that big of a problem, why not go to a co-ed school?)