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Unfiltered | July 26, 2017

(My grade school included two years of Spanish class; however, for some reason this didn’t translate to credit for the obligatory high school class. I do get bumped to second-year with the Sophomore class, and same with my math class; however, the higher year seem to universally think school in general is a joke. The Spanish teacher is also very soft-spoken and horrible at keeping discipline in class, so any unruly group walks all over her.)

Teacher: Alright, we’re going to be… We’re… Everyone, please, it’s time for…

(She spends a full five minutes trying to get everyone’s attention, but they just keep talking with each other, goofing around, and getting louder. I finally have enough.)

Me: *as loud as I can* HEY!!! *silence, staring* Maybe none of YOU care about graduating eventually, but I do! And I’m not going to end up faililng because you all won’t shut up and let her teach!

Other student: What are you, the principal?

Me: No, I’m someone a grade under you that’s getting a B+ but you’re getting a C-. I’m doing better than you in our Math class too.

(Unfortunately this just got a round of hoots and hollars, and I’m sure if it happened today someone would be yelling WORLD STAR or similar. The teacher also ater talked to *me* after class for yelling! At least she didn’t actually try to punish me, and I worked out a way to be able to finish my work on my own even when the rest of the class wouldn’t let her. And yes, the class average only went down as the year went on.)