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(At my school, the morning announcements are broadcast on classroom TV’s by the video production class. On Fridays they do ‘specials’ instead of regular announcements, such as humorous videos that support a particular school rule, or interviewing students about certain subjects. It’s towards the end of my senior year and I’ve never appeared on the morning announcements, so I want to be on them, but am a little shy. One day, I notice the video production class is interviewing someone a few feet away from us. I try and get my male friend to be interviewed with me. My friend tends to make innuendos that make me uncomfortable, and also jokes that I will be ‘forever alone.’)

Me: Come on, be on TV with me! It’ll be fun!

Male Friend: No. I’m eating my lunch and I’m too lazy.

Me: Finish your lunch then.

Male Friend: No. (In a suggestive tone) I’m too tired… I was up all night with my girlfriend.

Me: Okay…

Male Friend: Yep. I was doing stuff that you will probably never do.

(I’m irritated and kick him, though not hard enough to hurt him. The subject changes and the issue is forgotten. The Friday after that, my teacher forgets to put on the morning announcements. But later that day, another friend who doesn’t like my male friend greets me.)

Other friend: Hey, good job, (my name.) I saw you on the morning announcements kicking (male friend)!

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