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(I am in Spanish class with a friend, who we will call Craig. We had to do a speech in front of the class in Spanish. Craig got nervous and began doodling on his hand in red permanent marker. He is called to do his speech and does fairly well. Then, being done with drawing on his hand, he stands up to get some hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer causes the marker to run and take on a very bloody-looking hue. Much of the class notices that Craig appears to be bleeding profusely.)

Teacher: Craig, go to the bathroom and wash your hands.

(Craig leaves. About ten minutes later he runs into the door The guy closest to the door stands up to let him in. Note that this isn’t the first time Craig has disrupted class, and many people have hostile feelings towards him as a result.)

Class: No!…Don’t let him in!

(The guy who stood up drops the blind for a quarter-second and when he lifted it again, Craig was gone. Around fifteen minutes pass.)

(The phone rings and the teacher gets it.)

Teacher: Hello. Who is it?


Teacher: Okay, where are you?


Teacher: I need you to come back now. Actually, go to the administrator and talk to her.

(Another 20-ish minutes pass. Craig returns and the entire class asked him what happened. The teacher forbids him from sharing so we could finish presenting)

(Later, she holds him after class while I was packing up.)

Teacher: Craig, what happened?

(Craig tells a very incomplete version of what happened based on what he told me later)

Teacher: Craig, Come to my room for a lunch detention on Monday.

(This was a terrible punishment because he could bring a friend and his computer. He always gets off so easy)

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