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(This class was supposed to have a TA but for whatever reason, we weren’t given one by the school. The professor is pissed about this and often makes rants about how horrible the non existent TA is. It’s really hard for him because in addition to teaching, he’s also a researcher and a semi professional athlete. One day we’re discussing Brown vs the Board of Education case.)

Professor: so this is what allows all of us the right to an equal education. It’s the reason people of all races can be in this class and attend this university.

Student: hey! I don’t think I’m getting an equal education here! I went to the TA’s office hours for help studying and he wasn’t there and when I sent him an email, he never responded.

Professor: Has that TA not been working again? Wow. They should fire that stupid TA. Fuck that guy. He doesn’t show up to lecture, he doesn’t go to his office hours, he doesn’t check his email, he doesn’t help me grade things. What do they pay lazy asses like him for? He doesn’t even do research! How many of you have tried to get help from that scum and he wouldn’t do it?

(This is a running joke in our class. Everyone’s hand goes up)

Professor: Yeah I figured. I’m going to go talk to the dean about that guy. Fuck him. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure nobody fails because of that lazy ass TA.

(I took a class with the same professor the next semester and when I asked about the TA, he shook his head and sadly said the TA had not been fired. How I have no idea.)

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