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Unfiltered | July 3, 2017

(I’m in the fifth grade. I’ve been bullied a lot at this point and am generally quiet and prefer books to people and have one friend. I was a pretty nice target for bullies because I went to a very small “clique-ish” school and didn’t belong to any of those “cliques”. One girl, we’ll call her J, was particularly awful and had been antagonizing me for years. At one point J told me to come into the girls bathroom because she wanted to show me something. I was too curious, and admittedly gullible, not to follow, so I followed her and two other girls inside. She took out what looked like a flashlight and handed it to me.)

J: It’s really cool, press the button.

Me: *looks at it and does so, getting a shock so hard it hurts my hand and I drop it, looking shocked.*

J: Haha, you’re so stupid! Even I thought you were smarter than that!

(the other girls were laughing with her. I was so embarrassed I got really red in the face and was blinking back tears. They started adding on names and repeating how stupid I was and stuff like “look, the dumb a** is crying!” I was both mortified and absolutely PISSED. I ran from the bathroom and calmed down before going back to class, but by the time I was there J and the girls had told everyone else and I ended up getting bullied even worse a while after that. Unfortunately this isn’t a story with some cool revenge, but J did move away after 6th grade, and over time former antagonizers of mine grew up and we all actually ended up hanging out and becoming friends in high school. I found out a lot of them hated J because she was just kind of an awful person, mostly to me but also to them. One of them told me the last they heard she was living a few towns over and was just as awful as she was in middle school, and equally friendless. Karmas a b*tch, ain’t it?)