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Unfiltered | June 24, 2017

I have always been a straight-A student. My teachers would always allow me to do other work or read because they knew that I had finished all of my work.

I had been sick from school the previous days. During class, I have finished all of my day’s work as well as the missed day’s work. I’m having an upset stomach from being sick, so I ask to go get a soda from the machine since I have money. The teacher says yes. My mother has always given me dark sodas for my tummy issues, they worked better than clear sodas.

On my way to the machine, I’m stopped by the principal and explain to him what I’m doing. He says it’s fine, but awkwardly follows. After getting my soda, he follows me back to class, but makes me stand outside. He has brought a counselor (a very weasely and mean old man) to watch me, smirking while he does so. The principal complains to my teacher then comes out and yells at me for buying a dark soda instead of a clear one, saying that I’m faking being ill just to get a soda. (Even though I bought it with my own money and that was the first time I ever bought anything from a vending machine)

I go into the room and spend the rest of the class crying. My teacher and classmates didn’t understand why I was yelled at, but they would walk up and try to cheer me up for the rest of the class, gently patting my back and offering encouragements.