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Unfiltered | June 22, 2017

(I am the type of person who is slow to open up to people and when I’m nervous, I try to crack jokes to release the tension. On this day, I am talking with some of my classmates who I find out during the conversation are also in another class with me. I am wearing a jacket that says “CANADA” on it. I should note that Classmate #1 is male and Classmate #2 is female and are not related. This is the exchange that follows.)

Classmate #1: So are you Canadian?

Me: *looking down to see the name of the country written on the jacket* “No. I have family who live there and visited Canada when I was in 7th…no, the summer after my 7th grade year.

Classmate #1: Oh really, which part did you visit?

Me: I went to Edmonton in Alberta. *thinking he may not know where it is based off the usual reactions I get when I explain about my travels* You have no idea where I am talking about do you?

Classmate #1: Oh no. I know where it is. [Classmate #2] and I travel to Br…itish Columbia? Yeah. We visit there often and just fuck around.

Me: *briefly stunned at his choice of words and can’t help but say jokingly* Sooo…do you mean you fuck around with other people or you fuck around with each other?

Classmate #1 and #2: *burst out into laughter*

Classmate #1: *calms down and lets out a few more chuckles* I probably should have worded that better.

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