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Unfiltered | June 21, 2017

(I go to a k-8 school, and I am on the cheer team. So far only girls for grades 7th and 8th are allowed in the team and it’s almost completey student run. We are running low on girls for the cheer team since most have quit or have been injured by anther sport. I’ve convinced our teacher supervisor to let boys and girl in 6th-8th grade and must go to the 7th grade classes to talk about the cheer team if any wants to join. This is what happened in most of the classes.)

Me: the cheer team is open to boys and girls

Most of the class: *points to one boy in particular*

One person: “That will make you gay.”

(In one certain class that I’ve been told by the teacher is a pretty bad class)

Me: if you would like to join please talk to Mrs-

Girl #1: *sighs overdramtically*

Me: … talk to Mrs. (Teacher), we perform at basketball games and elementary rally’s, and we practice on wensdays

Girl #2 (who had quite the cheer team over drama. And being generally rude) “they don’t do stunts. It’s boring.”

(I internally scream as the said drama of the girl was making fun of one of the cheerleaders for using a walker. And acting superior to everybody. I continued my talk and left but I hope she doesn’t attempt join back)