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Unfiltered | June 19, 2017

This was many years ago now, but I’ll never forget it.

I was a very quiet, shy and timid boy at school. I had low confidence but always did reasonably well in classes and was known for having 100% attendance and never doing anything wrong – (mostly down to having an abusive and bullying father).

The headmistress also lived near us so knew me quite well.

I used to get bullied a lot at school, particularly by one ‘larger’ boy who was always in trouble and pinching kids dinner money etc. One day he pushed me too far, throughout the day he threw my school bag around ruining everything in it, pinched my dinner money and kept punching me giving me dead arms. So I decided to fight him in the playground at lunchtime, figuring it couldn’t really get any worse.
All the kids formed a circle and we started punching each other, he got me on the floor and it was all a bit of a mess – arms and legs flailing everywhere but no decent hits landed. (I hadn’t fought before, whereas I’m pretty sure he was more used to this so I was pretty useless).

After what felt like 2 seconds but was probably a lot longer, a teacher came and pulled us apart. We were separated and asked what was going on, by then I was overcome with emotion and whilst fighting back the tears, just said the bully wanted to fight me and I had no choice.

It turned out that due to my reputation and previous good behaviour, nothing further was said to me by the school and I wasn’t punished. It was the talk of the school for a while, I gained a lot more respect from the other kids and even made 1 or 2 friends.

The bully was punished, not allowed out for lunchtimes for a long time and had his parents called in to school for a talking about it too. He never bothered me again.

The strangest thing after this was that the bully started treating me as a friend, trying to be funny talking about who won the fight etc, inviting me out and about with his mates. I just avoided him and refused to be drawn in, my dad didn’t allow me to have friends anyway…