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Unfiltered | June 18, 2017

(Since I’m in an online school, we use an online yearbook that allows us to answer polls and surveys. One year one of the questions was, “What could you use besides GPS to find your way to a new location?” Most of the responses included the word “map”, and some of us decided to make it clear how stupid the question was.)

Me: “People used to use maps and compasses, and seeing as those still exist…”

Student #1: “Uh, a map? Those DO still exist, you know…”

Student #2: I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the maaaaaaap!”

Student #3: “A map. Isn’t that a great invention.”

Student #4: “A map??? A compass?????? A sense of direction??????????”

Student #5: “How about a map?”

(And it wasn’t just the students who realized the stupidity of the question…)

Teacher: “A map! What an old fashioned idea!!!”