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Unfiltered | June 13, 2017

I’d like to apologize of this story is too inappropriate–I just want to tell it as it is.

(A group of the ‘cool kids’ suddenly appear as I’m doing work, talking amongst themselves.)

Kid #1: “So I was at the doctors’ for a chest x’ray, so my shirt was off, and this nurse came along and she pulled down my pants.”

Kid #2: “Wait, really?”

Kid #1: *gloating* “Yeah, and she pulled my boxers down too and stripped them off, so I was naked in front of this nurse…”

Kid #3 *eyes glowing with admiration* “You were?”

Kid #1: *doing hand gestures at this point* “Yep, and she touched my d*** and my b***s without me even asking.”

Kid #2: “I wish that would happen to me.”

Me: *turning around, annoyed* “So this nurse stripped you naked and molested you without your permission?”

Kid #1: *unsure* “Well, yeah… I mean, you’re a guy too; you’d probably want–”

Me: “That’s out of the argument. You’re openly admitting to being molested? To your friends? And you’re GLOATING about it?”

Kid #1: “Umm…”

Me: “You’re basically saying that you, a twelve-year old boy, was molested by a paedophile?”

(They eventually left.)