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Unfiltered | June 16, 2017

(I was a big fan of overwatch and I felt like drawing my favorite character, junkrat, when this goes down after a couple of sketches)

Kid: watcha’ drawing? ( note: this kid was overly talkative and doesn’t know the meaning of personal space.)

Me: *covers drawings with my arm* none of your business.

Kid: what. Are. You. Drawing?

(My friend walks over and sits in between us)

Me: *ignores him*

Kid: *attempts to remove my arm from my sketch book*

Friend: *grabs kids arm and forces it away from me*

Kid: I just want to see her drawings!

Friend: and she said “no” so mind your DAMN business.

(Kid Is surprised but my friend doesn’t care. My friend turns to me)

Friend: watcha’ draw?

Me: just junkrat.

Friend: sweet.

(My friends are the best )