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(I am a resident assistant at a college, and a big part of my job is sitting at the desk in the lobby and making sure nobody gets by who isn’t supposed to. There is a restroom in the hallway off the lobby, but it is NOT a public restroom and a person must be signed in to use it. My most frequent complaint is from people who don’t live there and have to use the restroom. I have at least one or two of them every time I sit at the desk, but this encounter REALLY took the cake.)

(I am sitting at the desk on a Sunday morning about 11:30a when a middle-aged woman and a young man who look about college age come into the building and start walking past the desk.)

Me: “Excuse me, you need to be signed in.”

Woman: “Oh, of course. Where?”

(She looks around as if expecting a paper sign-in sheet.)

Me: “Actually, you need a student to scan you in.”

Woman: “My son will be here in a few minutes. Can I use the ladies’ room while I wait?”

Me: “Unfortunately you need to be signed in to use the restroom.”

Woman: “Oh, alright.”

(She and the young man sit down in the lobby chairs to wait. Twenty minutes later another young man, who I recognize as a student, enters and greets them before approaching me.)

Student: “Hey, my mom and brother are here to help me move out but I have to go run an errand, so can they go upstairs and start moving my things down?”

Me: *astounded that it’s the second semester and this student doesn’t know the policies* “You have to check them in in order for them to enter the building, and once they’re checked in you need to stay with them at all times.”

Woman: “He has a medical condition. That’s why he’s leaving early, because of medical issues.”

Me: “I can appreciate that situation, but I still can’t let you in the building without being signed in. He still has to follow the rules, for the safety of the other residents and himself.”

Student: “Okay, well, can my mom use the restroom?”

Me: “If you check her in and go with her, yes.”

Student: “I have to go in the bathroom with her?”

Me: *not sure if he’s joking* “No, but you need to be nearby.”

Student: “So how can I be with her at all times?”

Woman: “It’s okay, [Son]. Go run your errand and we’ll wait here.”

(The student promises it will only take a few minutes. Nearly half an hour later he’s not returned and his mother is starting to look agitated. I feel bad for her and since I know that she is approved by the resident, I feel comfortable enough allowing her to use the restroom.)

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am? It seems like your son’s errand is taking a long time. If you’d like, you can use the restroom- I’d just need you to leave your ID with me at the desk.”

Woman: “Well, I don’t have my ID. It’s back in the car.”

(At this point I am just plain flabbergasted. How did she expect to be admitted into a private college residence without identification?)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m going to need your ID if you want to get into the building to help your son move.”

(She huffs and makes a big fuss. I am already irritated because my shift was supposed to end at noon and it is now almost 12:30. I receive a call from the RHD on call who tells me that there was a schedule mix-up but someone will be there soon. Meanwhile, the woman has returned with her ID and is fuming in the lobby. My relief arrives at 12:45 and right as I am signing out the student comes back and his mother begins to regale him with tales of the horrible ordeal I made her go through to get her ID. I booked it out of there so I wouldn’t have to deal with her, and to get to my meeting. To top it all off, the RA who relieved me put down that he worked 12-1 and the RHD sided with him, so I didn’t even get paid for that whole mess.)

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