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Unfiltered | June 2, 2017

(I attend an online school. We do the work at home, but submit it to teachers for grading. I have recently been assigned a poem assignment that I had to write around the same time as Ship Weeks for a fandom I’m in started up. Since I was writing the poem on a day with a prompt, I decided to make my poem fulfill the prompt. The poem gets graded, and my mom reads the feedback to me, which includes a line about me writing about my personal memories.)

Mom: *after reading it* So basically you just have to read it aloud, and see what edits need to be made.

Me: *in disbelief* …personal memories?

Mom: *looks back at feedback* “There is a purity and authentic quality to imagery that beings your personal memories to life as vivid recreations.” Yeah.

Me: …I wrote this in the POV of a book character!

Mom: *bursts out laughing* Well, apparently you did a good job at it!

(We’ve decided not to tell my teacher that it never actually happened.)