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(I am a physics major in a university Calculus class.)

Student #1: “I can’t believe there are particles smaller than atoms! They’re called quarts, right?”

Professor: “Quarks.”

Student #2: “There’s a book about those!”

Student #1: “Whoa, really? I bet it’s weird.”

Professor: “I think one of the quarks is called ‘Strange’ or something.”

Me: “Yes, there are six: Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, and Bottom.”

Professor: *talking over me* “Maybe it was ‘Odd.’ Anyway, class, let’s get back to Applications of Integrals.”

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  • Lita

    Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Top, Bottom, if you don’t know what a Quark is it don’t matter you still gott’um.

    • Katie Ford

      And with leptons, and bosons, unless something’s amiss, they make up everything that we can see and that we know exists

      • Cerys Robinson


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