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Unfiltered | May 24, 2017

(There is this one student in our class who is extremely annoying. Every time the teacher asks a question, he always blurts out the answer before anyone else has a chance to. He often finishes our teacher’s sentences and interrupts our lessons. Finally, our teacher got fed up with him.)

Teacher: *writing on the markerboard as the student interrupts him again* Fine. Do you want to teach the class today? *throws the student his marker*

Student #1: (the annoying one) Ummmm…..

Student #2: Hey, do you want me to be teacher instead? I’ll be teacher!

Student #1: Okay… *throws Student #2 the marker*

*Student #2 walks up to the markerboard, writes ‘Field Trip’ on the board*

Student #2: Field trip everyone! *walks out of the classroom*

(When he came back, our teacher just gave him a high five and laughed. Now our teacher occasionally lets some of us teach the lesson of the day, but he will never let Student #2 be teacher again…)