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Florida, Miami | Unfiltered | May 29, 2017

(This takes place during my grade 9 World History Honors class)

Teacher: *talking about tenochtitlan (Aztec capital)*

Dumb Girl #1: “wait how come they didnt have a beach”

Class: “what?”

Dumb Girl #1: “you know a beach like california”

Teacher: *pulls up map of california* “you mean like these?” *points to coast*

Dumb Girl #1: “no like these” *walks up to smartboard and points at a lake*

Class: “oh my god you’re an idiot”

Kid in back: “My heart oh my gid my heart, HELP”

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  • Klaus Hellnick

    Could some please translate this gibberish for me?

    • Cerys Robinson

      OP is mocking an allegedly ‘dumb’ girl who asked a valid (if ditzy) question about lake beaches. This makes the OP a bit of an idiot.

      • Lou Miller

        Not only the OP. The whole class and the teacher are idiots if they think lakes don’t have beaches. Which is sad because this supposedly happened in an honors class.

        Tenochtitlan was built on an island in Lake Texcoco, and the lake had beaches. However the lake was drained to prevent flooding and Mexico City now stands where the lake used to exist

        • Dsru Bin

          I’m very confused here. I don’t see where the teacher/class thinks that lakes don’t have beaches; the girl referred to California so the teacher pointed at California. Then the girl pointed at a lake. Was Tenochtitlan on a body of water, or was it inland? Or did the girl think that a body of water is called a “beach”?

          Honestly, it sounds like the girl was ignorant of what may have been an obvious fact, but I think that OP is also pretty ignorant of how to write a coherent narrative.

          • Lou Miller

            Lakes by definition are an expanse of water entirely surrounded by land and unconnected to the sea except by rivers or streams.

            So inland is the only way you can have a lake.

          • Dsru Bin

            I think I was looking for a word to use in place of “landlocked”, and came up with “inland”. Regardless, what I meant was, “Was Tenochtitlan on a body of water or was it completely surrounded by dry land with no significant bodies of water that would entail beaches?”

          • MadHighlander

            …It was on a lake.

          • Dsru Bin

            That was my question – the story doesn’t say that Tenochtitlan was on a lake, just that Dumb Girl pointed at a lake.

  • JaxxieSmog

    I really hope the “dumb” girl doesn’t feel stupid for asking a valid question

  • Jennifer Moroney

    Oh my gid. Oh my gid. 🤣

  • Leah Brown

    Lakes generally have beaches. I’m a ten minute drive from a lake beach right now.

  • Kerrie Mills

    I’ve lived on the shores of Lake Ontario my entire life. Of course lakes have beaches.

  • talkingbowl

    Not as much of an idiot as whoever failed to proofread this post.

  • Asiyd

    You and your entire class are the idiots. Lakes have beaches.

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