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Unfiltered | May 30, 2017

(In history class we’re playing a game where you have to answer a question, then call someone by name to answer the next question. Most of the class knows the names of a handful of people, but not everyone. My name is Aurora. A boy named Harris is answering the question.)

Harris: I pick… Aroya.

(No one answers. I’m looking at my notes and doesn’t know he means me.)

Harris: *sounding irritated* Aroya? Aroya? Helloooo?

Classmate: Aurora?

Me: Ohh. *looks up*

Harris: *rudely* Geez, finally you answer!

(I’m not bothered that he said my name wrong, but I’m annoyed that he’s blaming me for not responding when he’s the one who made the mistake.)

Me: …It’s “Aurora.”

Harris: Whatever! Nobody cares what your name is!!

Classmate #1: that’s rude…

Classmate #2: Yeah, how would you feel if everyone just called you the wrong name?

Harris: I wouldn’t care! It’s not worth getting upset about! Get over it!

Teacher: All right, Paris.

(The class laughs about this, and he tries to keep vehemently insisting that he totally doesn’t care until the teacher cuts him off to continue the activity. I just thought it was funny that he was trying to seem so edgy but most of the class seemed to agree he was being a rude idiot.)

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