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VA, USA | Unfiltered | May 22, 2017

(At the time, I was a 6th grader on the bus. There were 2 7th grade girls in the seat behind me. One of them saw a duck)

7th grader 1: Look, a duck! Let’s say words that rhyme with duck!

(The 2 7th graders say a few words that rhyme with duck, and some other people behind them start to join in.)

Me: *jokingly* What about the one that starts with f?

7th grader 1: No! You are not getting me to say that word!

7th grader 2: You mean f***?

Me: *deadpan* There are 2 kinds of people.

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  • WC

    I don’t know why you’re surprised that the kid just answered what you asked? You shouldn’t bait kids into things. They don’t have the experience that adults have.

    • heymoe2001

      OP was a year younger. Did you miss that part?
      And clearly not surprised. You must have missed that part as well.

    • Iceraa

      I think they were more amused by one getting indignant and the other just going with it. As op said “there are 2 kinds of people” Implying that the ‘story; lies in the complete contrast.

      Also yeah, OP was the younger person.

  • heymoe2001


  • wahooo

    ” There are 2 kinds of people”. A sixth grader? Deadpan? I don’t think so.

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