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Unfiltered | May 19, 2017

(There is a girl in our class who generally fits the label ‘Tomboy’ she rarely wears dresses or skirts or makeup. But usually isn’t interested in anything feminine. And often wears boys clothes. Our school also has several people going to the same out of school clubs. So much so the school will let a few people leave school at certain times to go practice with administrative permission. We are all sitting in class one day when the Tomboy girl burst into the classroom. Wearing a ballerina outfit with a big tutu and hair in a bun looking like it has glitter in it. And a full face of makeup on.)

Tomboy girl: (Girl #2)! We got the time wrong! The children’s event is in half an hour!

(Girl #2 eyes widen and she starts to throw things into her backpack.)

Tomboy girl: (Girl #3) is in the car she’ll do your makeup and ill get your hair, lets go!
(The both rush out and girl #2 saying “I’ll get the homework later sorry Mr. (Teacher!)”)

Me: Well that was one hell of a shocker