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(I used to always be paired with the same boy during middle school, who was a problem student who rarely did any work and was rather vulgar, for two reasons. 1) I was the only one willing to put up with him, and 2) I asked to be, since I would get to do all the work in any way I liked. Back the I was a bit of a control freak, and even if I had to do twice the work I had all the say. We both liked this setup, because I would get him a high grade while he just had to do random bits, like cutting or gluing. But even I had a limit to his annoying nature. Also, none of the teachers liked him either)

BOY: (goofing off)

ME: quit it and finish gluing

BOY: (continues)

ME: seriously, all you have to do is glue. I’m not doing that too

BOY: well you don’t have to be such a B**** about it!

ME: (has had enough, stands up and throws a book at him, but he dodges it) ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS


TEACHER: (my name)!

( The entire class turns to look at the teacher)

TEACHER: you missed! Throw another one!

( My classmates laugh loudly while i throw another book(and miss again))

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