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I have two exams back to back so I decide to ask my professor if I could do mine on the alt exam day. I explain in detail that I have a multitude of mental illnesses and ADHD and a learning disability. I also pointed out that I had exams back to back before and I scored very poorly on it.

Here was their reply:

I warned students at the beginning of the year that, if they take more than one
course/day, there’s a good chance that they will have a test for both classes
on the same day, and if that’s the case, they would need to plan accordingly (side note: I AM TRYING TO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!). I don’t consider that (ps. they mean my illnesses) a valid reason for writing a make-up test.

I looked over your letter of accommodation and it didn’t say anything about not
being able to have tests in close succession (side note: considering my anxiety, ADHD, and LD wouldn’t it be kinda obvious that I can’t do back to back test?!)

You said that you did worse on Test 2 than Test 1, but so did the vast majority
of the class. Test 2 consisted of twice as many topics as did Test 1.

Gee….thanks professor!

Luckily I emailed my other professor for the other class that was back to back and she moved me

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  • ryan mills

    Have the diagnosing Doctor/Doctors fill out a letter explaining that due to your disabilities you are unable to take two tests back to back, and for your teachers to schedule them on separate days. Schools cannot say no when you have your Doctor’s note with you.

  • faifai

    And then when you graduate and get a job, you’ll find out that the real world doesn’t give a 4uck about your mental illnesses and expects you to get on with your work.

    • Thyra

      Except that in the United States there is the Americans with Disabilities Act that requires that ‘reasonable accommodations’ are provided to those who need them that have mental or physical disabilities.

  • Kitty

    Why didn’t you try to pick classes that wouldn’t be on the same day? Or decide which one was probably more important for whatever your goal was? And, as faifai mentioned, nobody in the real world will care. If anything, they will expect you to be even more on top of managing your illnesses in a way that it won’t hinder work.

    • Thyra

      When I was in college, final exams were frequently not scheduled on the same days of the week as the regular class meetings. It’s possible the final exam schedule wasn’t known to the OP at the time of registration.

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