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Canada | Unfiltered | May 14, 2017

I have two exams back to back so I decide to ask my professor if I could do mine on the alt exam day. I explain in detail that I have a multitude of mental illnesses and ADHD and a learning disability. I also pointed out that I had exams back to back before and I scored very poorly on it.

Here was their reply:

I warned students at the beginning of the year that, if they take more than one
course/day, there’s a good chance that they will have a test for both classes
on the same day, and if that’s the case, they would need to plan accordingly (side note: I AM TRYING TO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!). I don’t consider that (ps. they mean my illnesses) a valid reason for writing a make-up test.

I looked over your letter of accommodation and it didn’t say anything about not
being able to have tests in close succession (side note: considering my anxiety, ADHD, and LD wouldn’t it be kinda obvious that I can’t do back to back test?!)

You said that you did worse on Test 2 than Test 1, but so did the vast majority
of the class. Test 2 consisted of twice as many topics as did Test 1.

Gee….thanks professor!

Luckily I emailed my other professor for the other class that was back to back and she moved me

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