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Unfiltered | May 5, 2017

(I am at a field trip that has a VR activity. My brother has been dying to do this. He is 18; I am 16. Supervisor #1 gets my brother into the activity with no problems. The problem is when I try to do it.)

Supervisor #2: Are you 18?

Me: No, I’m 16.

Supervisor #2: You have to be at least 18, sorry.

Mom: Oh well.

(I roam around and spot a sign that says that kids over 13 can do it if they have a parent’s signature. I’m not the only one who spots this.)

Person: Can kids over 13 do it?

Supervisor #1: They could with a signature, but we don’t have the forms set up, sorry.

(This is a field trip for grades K-12. I can understand an exhibit that’s available only for kids 13+, but seriously, make sure you have the forms…)