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(I sign up for a beginning drawing class as an elective. My sister happens to sign up for the same class. I’m glad for this because the teacher is somewhat vague in her explanations and I rely on her to explain what the teacher meant, including the technique the teacher wanted us to use. As I’m drawing, the teacher tells me I’m doing it correctly. She gives us homework of drawing three objects with the same technique. I think my homework turns out pretty well and my sister agrees. I’m somewhat excited to get my results back because I worked so hard on it.)

Teacher: “[My Name], I see you put in a lot of effort here. There’s a critique on the back to help you improve for next time.”

(I happily turn my paper over to see what other notes she had on my drawing, because I do want to get better.)

Note: “[My Name], if you turned this in for a letter grade, you would get an F. I can’t see where you used the technique we learned at all. This is a nice drawing, but it’s not a still life. You must learn the technique if you want to draw realistically!”

(I went home in tears, frustrated and hurt, because I HAD used the technique she taught us. I tried to stick it out for a few more classes, even asking her for help and getting the okay, but after another failed drawing, I dropped the class. My sister told me that several other students dropped the class right before the penalty date. I haven’t drawn since.)

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