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Unfiltered | May 3, 2017

We are working outside school hours on coursework. We have our regular teacher with us who has volunteered to watch over the room while it is being used. I have played a little prank on my friend (partly for fun, and partly because she has been on Facebook most of the time and it’s annoying me) by taking a screenshot of her browser and setting it as her wallpaper. She isn’t very computer literate.

Friend: What’s happening?

Me: What?

Friend: I just closed Facebook at its still open. *clicking frantically* IT WON’T CLOSE!

Me: Maybe you should get [Teacher] to look.

Friend: *whispering* Are you f***ing crazy! He’ll cook my arse!

She spends close to 20 minutes trying to figure out what is happening, desperately opening a program every time our teacher walks past to hide it. She eventually concedes and asks the teacher before I get the chance to fix it myself. He spends just as long trying to fix it, while lambasting my friend for Facebook usage. The funny thing is though, if either of them had even tried to relog, is would have reset the wallpaper and “fixed the problem.” Neither of them seem capable of doing that. I finally own up, and while my friend is blushing she’s also laughing. Then the teacher decides to chime in.

Teacher: Well, that was quite an impressive prank, for a girl. *walks off*

We both stare at each other stunned.

Friend: What a jerk!

We both left and refused to go to his lessons. I passed the course with A* and my friend a C.