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Unfiltered | April 30, 2017

(My mother got called in for a meeting when my younger brother was in first grade.)

Mother: What is going on? Is [Brother] OK?

Teacher: We are concerned because [Brother] pulled down his pants and exposed himself to the class.

Mother: What? That doesn’t sound like him at all. *gets up* Where is he?

Teacher: He’s waiting outside, but…

(My mom headed out, ignoring the teacher, and found my brother sitting on some chairs by the office, holding an ice pack to his head.)

Mother: What happened?!

Brother: [Bully] pulled my pants down, and I tripped.

Mother: *turning to the teacher, who had just came out of the office* My son had his pants pulled down and was injured, and you were nattering on about him exposing himself?!

Teacher: *stammers and sputters*

(Turns out the teacher was friends with the bully’s mother and was trying to “look out for him”, so she ignored my brother and the other students telling her that he had pantsed my brother and was insisting he had done it to himself. My mother got my brother transferred to a different homeroom after that.)