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Unfiltered | April 24, 2017

(My left big toe appears to be infected from what I can see, and combined with having new tight shoes, is painful when I step on it. I can’t solve the problem right now as I’m at school, and I’m restricted to sort-of limping. One of my friends walk past with his friends.)

Friend’s Friend: *seeing me half-limping* “Guys, look, [My Name]’s ‘injured’, he wants attention. Let’s give [My Name] attention. [My Name], are you alright? Did you hurt your leg?”

Me: “I suspect that my foot is infected.”

Friend’s Friend: “Did you hear that? He suspects! Oh no, [My Name] suspects that his foot hurts!”

(This person is getting more annoying by the day–I’m somewhat tired of being called attention seeker by this idiot.)