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(My last class of the day is Spanish, and the class is full of students who don’t care about actually learning. They talk over the teacher and ignore the ‘no phones’ rule in place. As such, a lot of interesting things happen. Everything that follows happens in one day:)

Teacher: *getting extra copies of the homework* “Okay, how many need the paper?”

(One hand goes up.)

Teacher: “Siete-” *seven*

Class: *laughing*

(Another time:)

Student 1: “I’m an airplane!”

Student 2: “Uh… ok?”

Student 1: “Because I’m always high…”

Class: *laughing*

Student 1: “Me es avión…”

Student 3: “There are sooo many things wrong with that sentence..”

(Another time:)

Student 4: *solving a problem* “Fuiste a la piscina?” *you went to the pool*

Teacher: *copying onto the board* “Fuite” *a misspelling of ‘fuiste’, ‘you went’*

Us: *laughing*

(Yet another time:)

Class: *talking, ignoring Teacher*

Student 1: “This is 50 shades of f****d up in here!”

(I love my Spanish class.)

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