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My high school class (all 40 of us) holds a meeting in a science classroom to talk about our school’s upcoming Mardi Gras festivities. Every class contributes an activity to the fair.

Class Co-President: Okay, so we’ve got the most votes for renting a dunking booth again this year.

Classmate: Who’s gonna sit in it? [History Teacher, who did it last year]?

History Teacher walks into the room.

Class Co-President: [History Teacher], would you be willing to sit in the dunking booth again this year?

History Teacher doesn’t seem thrilled. Various classmates try to convince him. Stalling for time — or just retreating from the ambush he’d unwittingly walked into — he enters the science teacher’s office but leaves the door open a crack.

Class Co-President: We’ll ask a few other teachers about sitting in the dunking booth. But in the meantime, everyone needs to bring $3 to school tomorrow. The dunking booth is going to cost $100 before tax–

History Teacher walks back into the room with a huge grin on his face.

History Teacher: I’ll do it if you pay me a hundred dollars!

We all laugh. In the end, we convince him to do it without the bribe.

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