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Unfiltered | April 2, 2017

(During sixth or seventh grade our Lithuanian language teacher assigned us to write a paper in class about bullying. As long as it related about bullying it wasn’t necessary to write your own personal experience with it as, well, the teacher understood that it might be personal. There is one kid in our class who is constantly verbally bullied by mainly two other boys but often other people will say rude remarks to him, too. They often tease him about getting any grade besides the highest one and would often ask his grade if they didn’t see it to get an opportunity to make fun of him. The next lesson our teacher returns our evaluated papers and during the break this exchange happens.)

Boy #1: “Hey, [bullied kid] you didn’t get the highest grade.”

Boy #2: “Yeah, you must not be that smart, ha.”

Bullied Kid: “Shut up.”

(The boys continued to laugh at the boy. Next lesson our Lithuanian teacher called a few boys to the front of the class. She seemed stern and once they stood up she started to lecture them in front of the whole class.)

Teacher: “I called you here today because you bullied [Bullied Kid] while in your own reports about bullying you all wrote about how bullying is bad. That is appalling and I’m lowering each of your grade by two marks. The only reason I didn’t call [Boy #2] here is because he wrote in his own report that he doesn’t believe that bullying will ever disappear and that is inevitable. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

(All of the called boys looked like they wanted to disappear, particularly since they got fairly good grades and were never reprimanded by the teacher before.)

Teacher: “Now, I think you all understood your lesson. Sit down.”

(The boys scurried over to their seats and I never saw them make fun of the bullied kid again. Sadly, other kids continued to bully him until we all went to other schools but it was amazing to see a teacher for once take actual action against the bullies.)